Susan Ida Boucaud can often be heard listening to and telling stories at 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

By some, her stories and songs are experienced as gripping, unsettling and at times loving. Some listeners have the feeling of being plucked from the present reality and placed into another.

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In keeping with social responsibility, ten percent of the income from storytelling is given to a charity.

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boucaud in the story: 2013 - 2017

A book of short tales and poems created by Susan Ida Boucaud between 2013 - 2017. A reader reported to the author that she savoured each story. Definitely for those who enjoy a variety of stories and poems. 

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boucaud in the story: Tales

In Canada, on the coast of Nunatsiavut and Labrador, there were four people. They brought with them the stories of the land and/or the stories of their families. Come and "hear" what they had to say.

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