The stories and poetry contained in "boucaud in the story : 2013 - 2017" have been described  as emotionally charged.  Why not see if you can enter into an altered reality and achieve  small breaks from the mundane?  Click now on the below link for an online e-book or print book purchase from Amazon ( Canada or US ) ,Barnes and Noble , iTunes and Indigo.

Wild Path

BOUCAUD IN THE STORY : 2013 - 2017



The author of "boucaud in the story: 2013 - 2017 " is of the opinion - as eerie as this may seem- that the stories and poetry choose the author. 

Information regarding the author ( SI Boucaud) and stories can be found on  sites

such as

Storytellers of Canada Conteurs du Canada


Storytelling Toronto

for  facebook, pinterest and YouTube links just enter  "boucaud in the story™ " into any World Wide Web search engine or the sites indicated on this page.

Should you like the stories and want them told or integrated into part of a function you are having, please email the author at

If there is a story close to your heart that you would like told ( but do not want to personally tell it  ), then  please email the above email address and as long as it is not hate promoting, I will gladly tell it.

For print or  e-book purchase of "boucaud in the story : 2013 -2017 " from 

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Social Responsibility

Ten percent of what writer nets from paid storytelling engagements and the selling of the books authored by this writer will be given to charity and noted here  and in "" This year it was the Toronto Public Library and Rockport Customs Restoration Society. Libraries will be an ongoing recipient. 

Why social responsibility to the libraries ?  

It is the belief of this storyteller and writer that stories need wings to fly and listeners to hear . Stories , writer believes, tuck people into bed at night and wake them  refreshed. Stories are where people can retreat to safely and emerge healed. Libraries are often where the listeners and the tellers go to access stories without cost . This writer and storyteller is deeply appreciative of their service and  therefore part of  the ten percent net will always be provided to the libraries.  

Note : "boucaud in the story™ " is now a trademark name.



Stories can tuck you into bed at night  and  wake  you refreshed.  Let them take you out of the mundane, the ho-hum. For some, enter into an altered reality , the emotional charged. At least for a short period of time.

"boucaud in the story : 2013-2017"


boucaud in the story™

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